About Dr Greta.

Ihave the ability to provide instruction in a way that is heavily evidence-based yet inspiring. My varied life experiences as a business leader, educator and athlete allow me to offer witness to what can be done through effort, education, and encouragement. I know that even the most talented are destined to underachieve without a measurable strategy for further skills development and goal setting. Through use of my instructional, consultative and coaching skills, I work with clients to achieve real results.


Why I am Different.

Greta N. Anderson

Greta N. Anderson

Dr. Greta is an educator, research professional and business leader with more than 20 years of professional experience in qualitative and quantitative research, instruction, and small business development. Having earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Research from the Center for Study of Postsecondary & Higher Education (CSHPE) at the University of Michigan in 1999, Dr. Greta continues to be passionate understanding behaviors and attributes that drive engagement, persistence, dropout and dropout behavior among individuals. As a golf education professional, she continues to pursue inquiry that will facilitate growth and diversity in golf participation among all groups, particularly women and other currently underrepresented groups.

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Dr Greta’s Passions.

I’m a Natural Teacher.

I have a unique ability to create a focused yet inspiring learning environment for my clients. I partner with students/clients to create solutions and identify ways to advance, regardless of circumstance. There's ALWAYS a way!!


Mental Strategy and Measurability.

Mental Strategy and Measurability serve as the cornerstones of my service offerings. Any perceived problem or
Limitation can be remedied through use of this key.


Creating Opportunities.

I'm adamant about creating opportunities for all golfers of all
abilities to feel comfortable, equipped and excited about becoming fully integrated into the golf community.


I love what I do.

I love teaching - both golf and about the nuts and bolts of creating and operating a
 small business. My golf instruction focuses on building a foundation of solid mechanics that work specifically for that person. Additionally, I'm effective at helping students develop and utilize mental strategy as the 14th club in their bag.


The Dr. Greta Golf classes really helped my game. I really appreciate her encouragement and patience, and I will recommend her to others. She’s a fantastic teacher. Cynthia C.

Mission and Values.

I would like to help many people understand that they have the ability to build their lives more to their own liking.

Becoming a business owner is quite possible. I hope to help individuals develop a more comprehensive way to measure their personal wealth, which includes not only financial resources but also time and other important considerations. I believe this could help more people live more joyous and intentional lives.

As a golf educator, I am passionate about eradicating the myths and perceptions that keep many people away from golf. No matter the situation, it's always my goal to encourage and partner with clients to build a path of forward progress.

Dr Greta Anderson is an adventurous, no non-sense, caring individual with a rational view on life. She is the right blend of compassion and reasonability. She is a motivator skilled at getting you out of your comfort zone, so YOU can get out of YOUR own way.
P.s. I love her to death! (Personal commentary) TSP, CORPORATE INCUBATOR, Sr. Program Manager, Cigna Healthcare

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