DrGreta Golf – Five Quick Putting Fixes

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If you’re having to putt more often that you’d like to during your rounds, it’s time to take a good look at your flat stick situation! The five suggestions listed below can go a long way in helping you to reduce those total putts.

  • Lag it with Speed Control. Simply put, speed is most everything when it comes to great lag putting. To really dial it in, focus on speed control during practice by putting to a target – one that’s smaller than the actual hole. Doing so will really improve your speed control, and in turn, your lag putting.
  • Aim High on the Breaks. Generally speaking, it’s said that the average golfer aims too low on breaking putts. Since very few putts are actually flat, this means that you’re typically giving yourself less than a 50% chance of making the putt since going low eliminates much of the hole. So when you can see the break, aim for the high side of the hole to improve your odds of sinking it.
  • Tempo, tempo, tempo. Is your putter stroke smooth and even in tempo, or jerky and quick? Ideally, your putting stroke should resemble a pendulum motion with forward stroke and backstroke being equal in length. Downhill or uphill, short or long – the tempo must remain consistent.
  • Roll it. When you make contact with the ball during your putting stroke, does the ball hop and skid along the green? Or, does it roll smoothly? If your answer was ‘hop and skid’, then it’s time to check on your ball positioning to ensure that the putter is striking the ball at the lowest point of the pendulum motion. This should help you roll putts and yield better results.
  • Commit to the line. Once you’ve taken time to assess the break, properly aim towards your target point and establish proper ball positioning, commit to your chosen line and get it there! Lack of commitment to the stroke often leads to decelerated forward stroke, poor focus and negative thoughts. Take the positive approach – ready, aim, putt!

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