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Hi there. My name is Dr Greta Anderson. Welcome to my site. I take great pride and helping golfers and business builders forge their own path through use of continuous learning, strategic partnerships and open-mindedness.

My goal is to create a path for individuals to embrace whatever capabilities they have and building from there - coming as you are is more than enough. I have lived my life always striving to make forward progress - no matter the circumstance, perceived deficiency, or loftiness of the goal. All things are possible, and I am hopeful that my brand is ultimately described as one that moved past limitations and helped golfers and small business owners to flourish and make their desired marks in the world.

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I would like to help many people understand that they have the ability to build their lives more to their own liking. Becoming a business owner is quite possible. I hope to help individuals develop a more comprehensive way to measure their personal wealth, which includes not only financial resources but also time and other important considerations. I believe this could help more people live more joyous and intentional lives.

As a golf educator, I am passionate about eradicating the myths and perceptions that keep many people away from golf. No matter the situation, it's always my goal to encourage and partner with clients to build a path of forward progress.

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Amazing person, amazing teacher!! Before we even picked up a club, we just talked – in 25 years of golfing and tons of teachers, no one’s done that. So when we got around to actually working with the clubs, we had fixed a lot of my problems. Can’t wait to work w/ her again!Rick W., Dallas, TX

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Kevin McGee

I’ve had golf lessons before, but working with Greta was a little different. She has a very hands-on commonsense approach that allowed me to quickly and easily understand the skills that she was trying to get me to implement. I learned more in one hour then I probably learned in the last six months.

Give Up The Grind.

With Dr. Greta Anderson and Kevin R. McGee as they explore, each week escaping the "grind" by establishing better life balance, creating real plans to facilitate goal achievement, living one's best life, and more. Listen to Give Up The Grind w/Dr. Greta Anderson and Kevin R. McGee from CAPBuilder Radio Network in Podcasts

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